Silly Season In Full Swing Full Moon in Gemini & Working with the Thyroid

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

Silly season is in full swing! The presents are all bought but getting them wrapped is proving to be a bit challenging. I write a letter that goes in my Christmas cards to let my friends & family know what we’ve been up to for the year, I am starting to feel the pressure as I haven’t done this year’s yet. Everyone always loves receiving it, some say it doesn’t even feel like Christmas until they get it in their letter box. I’ve been busy with work, getting the house clean for our rental inspection & Helena had her Prep transition for school! This weekend I am off teaching Reiki Two so I will have to get onto it next week, maybe I could just get them to check out my Connect Balance Grow Friday Check Ins to see what I’ve been up to? Nah, it wouldn’t quite be the same.

Nothing like a Full Moon to turn up the energy either. Last nights Full Moon in Gemini, the last one for the year, also the last for the decade & on 12 / 12 as well! It didn’t disappoint. I used Ethoy’s Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Spread to check in, have a conversation with my Shadow (subconscious) Twin & Light (conscious) Twin, how to integrate them, what requires my dedication at this time & how to direct my energy for the rest of the year. The messages that came through were all about surrendering to my bliss, connecting to the souls of my clients & the acceleration of my skills & growth, reflecting on my beliefs, values, knowledge & using these to align wit my purpose & service work, continuing to develop my connection with my higher self, digging into my honest truth & focusing on celebrating all that I have achieved this year.

This week in clinic were working with the Thyroid. The Thyroid is an organ that produces hormones to regulate our body’s metabolic rate along with heart & digestive function. It can be under or overactive & relies on iodine levels in our diet to do its job. Ongoing hunger & weight gain can be symptoms of an underactive thyroid. We worked on balancing the wood & earth elements with the tastes of bitter & sweet to get the energy around the thyroid flowing correctly. We also worked a lot with the emotion of Responsibility & taking on too much that is not our own. I am looking forward to seeing how this works out as we continue to work on it.

As I mentioned above, we have the Reiki Two Class at Eurameen Historic Homestead & Gardens this weekend. I am so excited to share Reiki with the student who are coming, it’s going to be magical!

I had better get going as I’ve got some treats to bake for the course.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind

Have a great weekend

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