The Magic of the Subconscious Mind

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

Let’s have a little chat about our Subconscious Mind. This is the area that I am tapping into & working with when I use muscle testing (applying light pressure to muscles so that I can gage the body’s response to stress & find the corrections required to balance them). The Subconscious takes in even more than we can comprehend, it records everything & when asked can remember. There is no guess work here, when we tap in & ask the right questions, we get direct answers & solutions. They come through as emotions, core beliefs & Universal concepts, this is how it expresses itself. The Central Nervous System, Human Energy Field & Soul Map are very closely related to the Subconscious Mind, they work hand in hand to assist us in processing the amazing experience that is this existence on Earth. When clients thank me at the end of a session, I remind them that I am only the interpreter of their Subconscious, they are the ones that are doing all the work while lying on the table.

This week in clinic I worked with a wonderful six-year-old who was presenting with low energy levels & a loss of her mischievous spark. We worked with “I respect myself & that’s okay”,” I deserve to have energy” & “my mistakes are forgivable”. We balanced an energetic parasite & cleared an emotional block that presented as a genetic trait. We strengthen her energy field & lymphatic system. I am happy to report that she is doing much better & is on track to returning to her energetic, spunky self.

We also had a super blissful Energy Service & Tune Up Balance & a surrogate balance on a Mum to assist with her son’s relationships, making choices & coping with changes.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday & be fantastically kind.

Have a great weekend.

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