Case Study Two Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) & Balancing via Skype

Niamh’s Story using Kinesiology Balancing via Skype

Niamh began having regular fortnightly Kinesiology Sessions with me via Skype due to her Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). She found it challenging being in an environment where she may encounter things that other people had contaminated, was also very sensitive to the energy of others & felt limited & trapped due to her condition. It was difficult for her to remain in a job for any length of time as after a while the other employees would trigger her OCD & she would feel the need to move onto another job elsewhere. Niamh also wanted to continue her studies but by the end of the day felt completely drained physically & energetically.

Distance Kinesiology Balancing, in this case via Skype, involved me tapping into Niamh’s energy (with her permission), muscle testing my body on her behalf to find out the affirmation required, where in her body she was holding stress & the corrections required to balance them. Some of the corrections I could talk Niamh through to do on herself & others I did on me, because I had tapped into Niamh’s sub-conscious, she still experienced the benefits. This is possible because we are working with energy & energy knows no boundaries. We are working with frequency & vibration. At the end of each balance I consciously released myself from Niamh’s energy.

In our first session Niamh wanted to experience a sense of freedom so we worked with the affirmation “my world is a safe place for me”. The emotions superstition, grief & happiness required balancing. We used meridian tapping, emotional stress release combined with colour visualisation, a life-style change of adding some creative expression through free form dance, balancing the navel & solar plexus chakras & the mandala ‘being connected to the Earth: flowing peacefully with change’. Niamh’s inner child required some love, care, nurturing & forgiveness so that she felt safe & supported so we connected with her through visualisation.

In our second session Niamh wanted to feel more energised, she chose the affirmation “I am full of hope” to work with. The emotions toxic shame, shame & self-worth came up to be balanced. We worked with the neurovascular cycle, balancing navel & throat chakras, past life healing & spiritual assistance from her inner healer. We also worked with a meditation to open the heart space & used the violet flame to clear & cleanse energetically.

In our third session we worked towards embodying self-worth with the affirmations “I am good enough”, “I am able to stand up for my needs” & “I deserve my dreams”.  The emotions anger, rage & wrath required balancing. In this session we energetically tapped into the brain stem & balanced the stress that was there using the affirmation “my head is calm & clear”. We worked with the emotional stress release points & a visual, auditory, kinesthetic repattern, balanced the throat chakra, used the mandala Oneness: sexual energies are balanced & the colour rays vibration of lavender, indigo, gold & green.

In our fourth session we worked on Niamh’s ability to protect her own energy. We used the affirmations “I am grounding & protecting my energy with grace & ease” & “I am experiencing strong energetic boundaries between myself & others”. The emotion of disconnected came up for us to balance. We worked with the affirmation “I am safe & protected on all levels & dimensions” & auriculars which release tension in the neck & stimulate the acupressure points in the ears. The affirmation “I am allowing good things into my life” with spiritual assistance from Mary Magdalene & Saint Germain. We also tapped energetically into the Thalamus & used the affirmation “my opinions are heard & understood” balancing the crown chakra. We completed the session with an energy grounding meditation.

Niamh now feels that she has turned a corner & no longer feels stuck & trapped by her OCD. She has been finding it easier to continue with her studies consistently most days & takes time out when she needs to recharge her energy. She now tries to relax & enjoy the journey rather than rushing it.

“Well this is the first time in months I feel the depression has lifted & my anxiety has eased. It seems no matter how many therapies I’ve been through in my life I can’t seem to move forward at times & I feel the energy protection might just be the key to holding myself together as I think it’s my sensitivity to the energy that ultimately triggers my OCD. Thank you so much for your guidance. You are awesome at what you do”. Niamh Bergin 20th June 2019

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