Bali Retreat & Integrating Values

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe

Well it’s been back to reality this week after the amazing Yoga Retreat I attended last week held in Bali at La Balian Villa & Retreat on the west coast of Bali by Linda from Three Little Moons. All I can say is WOW! I knew it was going to be good, I mean a week away, kid free to fully engage with myself is wonderful but it went way beyond that. Each day was even more magical than the last & I had to keep pinching myself to check that I was really there! We began each morning with Yoga on the most beautiful shala that overlooked working rice fields, you can see it behind the picture of me. After breakfast which was arranged by the gorgeous Vicky & her team that looked after us so well, we attended a morning workshop. The workshops were all about our personal development & juicy self-work, we spend time diving into the story of our lives & who we really are, our personal values & their priority in our lives, our passion & purpose, finding our why for this life & creating our dream life. All really deep soul-searching stuff that is on going but the way Linda structured these workshops gave us great foundations that we can continue to work on. We integrated the knowledge of our workshop with Yoga Nidra before lunch. Our afternoons were all about self-care & me time with massage, journaling & drinks by the pool. A gentle yoga session before dinner, OMG all the food was so so good! Some other experiences included a Yoga session with Nicky from Nicky Yoga at Balian Beach, Full Moon Meditation & Circle, Balinese water blessing ceremony, sound healing at The Pyramids of Chi in Ubud & farewell Kirtan & fire ceremony.

My Retreat hi-lights include doing some Reiki Healing with Linda on some of the other retreat participants, squeezing our pelvic floor in morning yoga during an earth quake, meeting some elders from Lalalinga during the water blessing ceremony & watching them ride off on their scooter afterwards, creating & sharing our vision boards, introducing Kinesiology to others & doing a balance pool side with the most amazing view. I am so grateful that I got to meet & share this experience with a beautiful group of women that I probably wouldn’t have met anywhere else. Their growth, strength & transformation was beyond inspiring.

Sorting out & clarifying my values was one of the biggest takeaways for me from this retreat. I had spent a lot of time in the past working on defining & evolving my life purpose but not ever really considered what my personal values were. Linda suggests that “when our actions aren’t in alignment with your values, you find yourself feeling out of control & without a sense of achievement”. Values are the aspects of our lives that matter the most to us. They influence our choices & how we behave when acting on them. Defining what your values are can be a challenging process but once you have nutted it out the clarity & resolve that come from them are life altering. My three values that I have put in place are Family Happiness, Self-Respect & Personal Development. I would love to elaborate on these values but I think I will save that for next week’s check in.

This week in clinic it was so nice to be back in my space where the magic of Kinesiology & Reiki happens. I have had beautiful clients in for an Energy Balance & Tune Up, Connect Balance Grow experience where we focused on self-worth & bringing scattered energy back into the body & a Kinesiology Balance working to balance Menopausal symptoms & hormones.

Bringing movement into my every day was a pattern that I wanted to continue post retreat so I have been making time each day to get friendly with my yoga mat. The kids think that making a cubby under my Downward Dog is the funniest thing ever!

Enjoy your Friday & be fantastically kind.

Have a great weekend.

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