Friday Check In – I am believing in my own Magic

Hello Connect Balance Grow Tribe ðŸ™‹â€â™€ï¸ðŸ’š

“I am believing in my own magic”
This has been my affirmation for this week. May has been a magical month for me, the busiest & most fulfilling yet. I am so excited to see where we go next. June 25th will be one year since I began working at The Healthy Hub Wellness Centre. It hasn’t always been rainbows, unicorns & mermaids but I’m so glad that I found, opened & walked through that door. It has made me think back to the intensions I set around four years ago. I wanted a job that allowed me to work & also take care of my two girls, especially in the first few years of their lives when all the important parts of their development are being established. I also wanted to do something that allowed me to be of service, hold space & nurture others. I wanted to grow & expand my healing & assist others in doing their own “work”. Having my own space to do my work in was something that I craved too.
Now when I look at where I am, what I am doing & what I’ve achieved I feel so grateful for my life. I am doing what I dreamed of all that time ago.

These were the cards I pulled for myself this morning. Right now I am experiencing the unexpected magic of exactly where I am. The energy around me is like okay I’ve got to this point, where to now? Time to consider the next extension of myself. What I am not seeing is that I create my own reality. I set the intention for where I want to go. I have released & moved on from the questions & curiosities that I created for myself, finding the answers within my magic. The message from my guides & higher self is to celebrate & have some fun. Find the joy in my freedom & flexibility. My next step is to continue to believe in my own magic, trust my intuition & the messages my emotions bring me.

This week I had a gorgeous little girl come to see me. She is soon to be a big sister! With this big change happening in her life her Mum thought that she could benefit from having a Kinesiology Balance. We did a surrogate balance doing the assessments & corrections on Mum who was energetically connected to her little girl. We used the affirmations “I live in the moment” & “I am confident, fearless & fluent”. The corrections we used included holding neurovascular points, colour gels, singing bowl & Mandela meditation.
I also gave myself an Energy Balance & Tune Up this week. My Solar Plexus, Their Eye & Stellar Gateway Chakras all needed some work. I ran my stomach, triple warmer & large intestine meridians, gave myself some Reiki & used lemon, mandarin & orange essential oils. It was super relaxing. I felt a bit average the following day but I had shifted some big stuff! I am excited to say that the day after I felt amazing, lighter & more energised.
Today is the last day to book this Energy Balance & Tune Up Special so please let me know if you’d like to book on for yourself.

Enjoy your Friday, be fantastically kind ðŸ¦Š

Have a great weekend ðŸ’š

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