Case Study One Surrogate Testing

Karen and Leo’s Story using Surrogate Testing

Karen came to see me as she was experiencing stress due to her children having a hard time settling back into school and kindergarten. She wanted to leave our session feeling relaxed and a sense of release from the anxiety for and of her children.

We decided to work with her 9-year-old son Leo who has been diagnosed with Autism. Leo had been really enjoying school the previous year but was finding this year challenging, mainly due to the change of students in his class. Karen found it challenging to get Leo on the school bus in the morning & his teachers would report that when he was at school he was unsettled and louder than usual.

I performed the clearing tests on Karen to make sure that she was energetically switched on. I asked Karen to tune into Leo and visualise a connection between them before reperforming the clearing tests on Karen for Leo to make sure that he also was switched on. We then asked Karen’s body if it was willing to surrogate for Leo and asked energetically permission from Leo if he was willing to be surrogated for by Karen.

We used the affirmation “I am confident, fearless and fluent” for this balance. The emotion that was causing a stress to Leo was unsupported, this was about the things that were changing in his life, the students in his class. We balanced this by using the affirmation “I am free to be me and that’s okay”. Leo also had the belief ‘I feel I don’t belong’, we balanced this by exploring a situation that he had experienced in a past life about wanting to learn but not being able to read. We also tracked back through generations to discover some traits that had been carried through that were causing Leo stress in this life.

We concluded the balance for Leo on Karen using some peppermint essential oil applied to the beginning of the small intestine meridian and an energetic aura spray called Re-balance. I then asked Karen to mentally release Leo and dissolve the connection that we had made to him for the balance. It was interesting to note that after Karen release Leo energetically her croaky voice that she had before we started the balance came back, yet when she was tuned into Leo and we discussed things her voice was clear.

Karen messaged me the following day to let me know it had been easier to get Leo ready for school in the morning. His teachers said that he had a great day at school, was happy and calm in class. When Leo got off the bus he was all smiles and gave his sisters the biggest hug.

“So Leo went to school easier today and apparently had a great day. Julie wrote he was happy and calm. He got off the bus all smiles today. Thanks heaps!” Karen Deason 22nd February 2019

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