Hug Appreciation

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Hug appreciation post! This morning my alarm went off, I was meant to get up early to get organised & the kids out the door before 9am because I’ve been running the play group we attend solo at the moment as the other mum’s who usually help me have had other life commitments. Just as I was about to drag myself to the shower Connie, my two year-old, came into my room & wanted to hop into my bed. She then proceeded to give me 20 minutes of the most beautiful cuddles ever! Oh, my gosh, how good are cuddles?! I read an article from Healthy food house that had this quote, “hugging is the most beautiful form of communication that allows the other person to know beyond doubt that they matter”. I love the authentic truth in that, nurturing touch is something that is really lacking in our every day lives. Something as simple as a hug or human touch can make such a difference. I am sure that is one of the reasons my clients feel so nurtured, at peace & relaxed when they are laying on my treatment table. The combination of touch & Reiki that flows from it is magical bliss.

Here are some more fun facts about hugs…

Hugs strengthen our immune system through stimulating the thymus

Hugs allow us rest from emotional trauma by providing true solace & soothing pain

Hugs lower stress by reducing cortisol levels

Hugs relax muscle tension

Hugs can reduce fear & anxiety

Hugs balance our nervous system

Family Therapist Virginia Satir says we need 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 for maintenance & 12 for growth, I’m pretty sure I got more than 12 from Connie this morning… winning at growth! I’m not sure if it was all the Reiki I had while I was pregnant with her but she is such a bundle of love & affection that lights up our lives. I feel super lucky that she chose me to be her Mum.

Go get a hug & be fantastically kind

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