Happy Winter Solstice

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Happy Winter Solstice. Tomorrow is the longest night & shortest day here in the Southern Hemisphere. Can you believe we are almost half-way through the year? My oldest daughter Helena will be turning 5 next week, time really does fly when you are having fun! It’s also interesting that energy has no boundaries when it comes to time. Time is a system that we as humans have put in place to structure our actions & behaviours in the third dimension that we live. Many moons ago in the past we lived our lives quite differently, time was still measured & monitored but it was via the seasons & cycles of nature along with the moon, sun & stars. I’m guessing life would have been less hectic, we would have moved through our days at a slower pace with greater predictability & repetition. Maybe there would be less anxiety & stress? Sounds delicious doesn’t it?

The Winter Solstice is all about celebrating the return of the light as from this point forward leading up to summer the days begin to get longer & warmer (yay to that, it’s currently 9 ͦC in the middle of the day as I write this). Some traditions burn a Yule Log at this time of year with their wishes for the next cycle but I’m happy just to soak up a bit of winter sun & get cosy inside with a cup of warming tea ( I have a delicious Mulled Wine Tea blend which is magical). Let me know if there is any special way you like to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

This week in clinic we have balanced the emotion of shame that got stuck with some trauma over 20 years ago & a genetic trait of a vitamin C deficiency from 5 generations ago that had manifested in pneumonia. Energy protection from the inside out has again been a theme in clinic & I am so proud that my clients are continuing to do the work on themselves energetically so that they can show up in the world as the best version of their selves, doing the work they need to without taking on energy that is not their own. We have also worked on balancing self-doubt, self-sabotage & self-worth. Our inner child has a lot to say when it comes to working on the selves of ourselves, if that makes sense? Just imagine a 4-year-old version of yourself that is doing all he or she can to keep you safe at whatever cost! That is a lot of work for one little person who at the end of the day just wants to be loved, cared for & nurtured. So if you ever feel the selves (doubt, sabotage & worth) have a little chat with your inner child & send them some love & let them know they are safe.

Enjoy your Friday & be fantastically kind.

Have a great weekend.

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